Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Summer!

Here's a rainbow of mermaids to brighten your day!

The artist was my seven-year-old tutoring student, who moved back to Korea this summer.  I miss this family, but I'm looking forward to working more regularly with the other clients this family introduced me to.

And here is a summertime Kid Quote:

Four-year-old: "When I was at the beach I found a turtle egg and it was a baby one and I picked it up and it was still in there and I carried it as carefully as I could and then it started to hatch."

Really?  What happened then?  Did you put him in the water?

Four-year-old: "No I put him in a pot of water with my fish."

Oh!  What did you name him?

Four-year-old: "I named him Frances!  I fed him peas.  That's why I named him Frances.  And I gave him some gummy bears and some jellybeans because he ate all his dinner."


Jesslyn said...

That parade was Ahmaaaaaaazing! Thanks, I needed that!

Unknown said...

I love mermaid parades.