Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saying Goodbye

One of the toughest parts of being a teacher is saying goodbye to your students. Naturally, your relationship with every child is different and the way each one contributes to the classroom dynamic is unique, so you miss them in different ways and for different reasons, but you miss them all anyway.

I have said goodbye to a lot of students this year, both at preschool and in my tutoring. Some students moved, and lots of them graduated into more specialized programs or kindergarten. I like to imagine them in their new schools, showing off what they've learned here. I hope it's enough. I hope it's more than enough.

This year at preschool, we've even had to say goodbye to a classroom teacher. One of my beloved co-teachers is moving her family across the country, so for now my other co-teacher and myself will have the classroom to ourselves.

The only comfort as I let go of my little friends is that we will soon have a whole new batch of friends to play with and teach. My remaining co-teacher and I have formulated our curriculum for the following year, including going back through the alphabet with a letter of the week and using a weekly unconventional painting tool to shake up our art program. We're excited to have a solid routine worked out for our new, mainly younger group, and we're playing with the idea of creating a second, parallel Circle Time for our handful of pre-k friends.  As bittersweet as it all is, I'm really looking forward to the new educational year.

Here is a heart-warming Kid Quote that I can certainly relate to:

Four-year-old, eating lunch: "Miss Frances, my heart is full!"

It's full?  Is it full of love?

Four-year-old: "Yeah!  No, actually, it's not full. . . . It's still hungry."


Jen said...

We all miss you a lot. Even this morning, Aaron said he wanted to eat his avocado like Miss Francis. We felt we were so lucky to have you for the last two years. Thank you so much.

Ms. Frances said...

That is so sweet! I still miss Aaron, too! He is such a sweetheart. I hope you all are well!