Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Preschool: Number Lessons

Early literacy is my forte, but I have done a few number lessons that have worked out well.  I was inspired by this lesson on Pinterest: 

Here is my version:

In my version, the opposite side of the clothespins has the numeral written in the color that corresponds to the colored dots on the board.  Since my class is pretty good, but not expert, at identifying numerals, I thought a built-in cheat would increase success.

The class loves this lesson, but I often find its clothespins mixed in with the clothespins for this lesson:

In this lesson, the children pin the corresponding number of clothespins (always working on those fine motor muscles!) to each numeral.  They love to shout out to me "zero doesn't get any pins!"

Someday I'd love to switch it out with this lesson I recently discovered on Pinterest:

Source: skellyskindergarten.blogspot.ca via Frances on Pinterest
Here's today's Kid Quote:
Four-year-old: "If my name was Potato, then my nickname would be Pear! . . . And my nickest name would be Apple!"

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