Monday, April 16, 2012

Tutoring: Preposition Simon Says

This week in tutoring I worked on prepositions.  None of my students have learned this part of speech in school yet, but some of them have already learned it with me.  I wanted to introduce the concept and see which prepositions they have in their lexicons anyway.  We played a preposition drawing game that I got from this Pinterest post:

Source: via Frances on Pinterest
We worked on basic prepositions of place.  I asked my students to draw a house, garden, fence, in front of, beside, beneath, etc.  The only preposition that proved a challenge was 'between.'  There were a few vocabulary words we could talk about too, such as gravel and wreath.

Next time I'd like to use more complex prepositions like the ones on this list, and expand into adjectives.

I'm also really excited to use this Pinboard of adjective prompts to work on that part of speech:

Source: via PediaStaff on Pinterest
Unfortunately I haven't been able to convince myself to lug my laptop to a tutoring session in a while.  It's enough to make a girl buy an iPad!

A Kid Quote from this evening's session:

Six-year-old: "Who wrote this poem?"

Me: Well, do you know what 'Anonymous' means?

Six-year-old: "Oh I thought that was Annoying Mouse."

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