Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tutoring: Second Session with New Students, and a Guess Who? Update

This week I got to conduct my second session with my new English Language students.  Last time, they were both a little quiet, so this time I got a better idea of their English skills.

We read several library books and played checkers-style games for reading comprehension of the directions and for conversation.  We also played with a picture frame I made:
 I got this idea from this Non Sequitur cartoon strip:
I thought if we had a picture frame, we could focus our attention on something interesting in the environment and work on vocabulary (especially adjectives) that way.  It turned out to be quite successful with both girls; I'll probably repeat the exercise with my other students.

With my four-year-old tutee, I read Press Here, which is an interactive book of colored dots.  It was a great test of her comprehension; I especially appreciated being able to see that she hadn't mastered the difference between "press" and "rub," for example.

I recently brought Guess Who? back to my established tutoring students, to see how they are progressing with their question formation. We also got to review some good vocabulary, such as blond, brunette, bald, and facial hair.  Guess Who? is a little red-head- and male-heavy for my taste (since it's just not terribly representational; I have nothing against either demographic), so I was thrilled to find this set of free printable Guess Who? cards that are more diverse and kid-friendly.

I had planned to bring Guess Who? for my new students, but I left it with my established family to practice with instead.  Maybe next session I can bring the game with some newly-printed cards for us to cut out and play with!

Here's a Kid Quote from this week's session that warmed my heart:
4-year-old: "Thankyoubye!  I love you!  I love you anything!  I love you anywhere!!"

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